C4D Pte Ltd

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email: info@c4d.com.sg

About C4D

C4D Pte. Ltd. was established in 2016 to meet the needs of organisations across the region, looking for an independent source of advice and expertise on CAE tools and best practice. C4D recognises the growing importance of CAE to companies, who need to maintain their competitiveness whilst responding to challenges ranging from new manufacturing technology, environmental demands and consumer expectations. C4D aims to provide the best impartial advice in this field and help its clients take advantage of new developments in engineering analysis technologies.

Promoting NAFEMS

C4D believes that joining NAFEMS is one of the most proactive steps any company that is committed to best practice in the use of CAE can take. A member itself, C4D is proud to have been appointed as the regional representative of NAFEMS for the ASEAN region.

Independent expertise you can trust

Through a network of consultants C4D is able to provide competitive services across a wide spectrum of CAE disciplines. Our Director, Clive Ford, has over 25 years experience with the application of CAE across various industry sectors and is passionate about the emerging opportunities to take CAE to the next level, where it can truly make a difference to the capabilities of the organisations that use it most effectively.

C4D Director, Clive Ford, one of the three judges at the design competition during the 2017 ASEAN Altair Technology Conference.