C4D Pte Ltd

office +65 9735 5242

email: info@c4d.com.sg


C4D focuses on the needs of its customers to increase their engineering simulation capabilities. Amongst the services offered:

  • Strategy and simulation deployment advice
  • On-site mentoring and advice on simulation methodology (methods development).
  • On a case by case basis C4D will also take on specific CAE jobs.

Simulation Consultancy

C4D has worked with its clients to help them develop and realise a realistic simulation strategy, that is based on an assessment of the potential opportunities, the budget available and resources they can reasonably deploy.

C4D has supported individual staff or CAE teams to develop a standard robust methodology for specific CAE workflows. This provides an on-going consistent and trustworthy simulation process that gives excellent value.

Pricing of services is based on market rates and quoted either as a lump sum or on an hourly basis. Overall costs will depend on the requirements and duration of the proposed scope of work, with prior agreement on what is needed. Our focus is to ensure that clients receive good value for the services provided.

CAE Jobs

On occasions our clients have requested C4D to undertake specific CAE jobs. C4D staff are experienced in some of the most demanding non-linear FEA projects. Where appropriate we are also able to engage local specialists to support projects that required specific capabilities.

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